Our Queens


Blue Smoke (AS)


Athena is a girl I kept from one of my litters. She’s tall, long, lean, and an overall good disposition. She’s playful and has one of the sweetest temperament. 

Blue Smoke Maine Coon


Black Silver Ticked Tabby (NS 25)

HCM- N/N , SMA- N/N ,  PKDEF- N/N ,  FIV/FELV- Neg

LouLou is a very social and outgoing girl. She loves to play and finding toys around the house. She chirps and will carry a toy around her mouth once one is found! She is a girl I’ve kept from my own breeding and is the daughter to Wino and Skittles.


Black Smoke (NS)

HCM- N/N , SMA- N/N ,  PKDEF- N/N ,  FIV/FELV- Neg

Ratchet is a very social girl who likes to always be right by us. She loves to play, chirp, and knock everything down to the ground. 

black smoke maine coon


Black Silver Torbie

HCM- N/N , SMA- N/N ,  PKDEF- N/N ,  FIV/FELV- Neg

Coco is a sweet girl who likes to cuddle and nap all day. She a calm, quiet, and very gentle girl.

black silver torbie


Black Silver Classic Tabby (NS22)

HCM- N/N , SMA- N/N ,  PKDEF- N/N ,  FIV/FELV- Neg

Dellyara is a sweet and sassy girl. Her temperament is active and playful. She likes to follow me around and keep a close eye on me.

black Silver tabby maine coon

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